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Attitude Quotes, Quips, & Cartoons...

Attitude Quotes, Quips, & Cartoons:
First Aid for Dour Dispositions, K-12

by Dave & Nancy Craig (2014, Paperbacks For Educators, 9.95)

The focus of this collection is on using sage quips, quotes, and cartoons to change negative attitudes. The 450+ quips and quotes, and the 22 cartoons focus on how attitude infuses every part of the lives of students. The main body of the book is organized around 46 attitude categories. Here you will find words and phrases to plant. Some will likely germinate fairly soon. Some will take more time. Regardless, your efforts will impact students for years to come. Grades K-12. [7” x 8.5”...90 pages]

Paperbacks For Educators
426 West Front St.
Washington, Missouri 63090

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