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Letters of Recommendation...

Letters of Recommendation
: All the Hints, Tips, and Tricks You'll Ever Need to Write Lively Letters That Make a Difference (Educator's Edition)

by Dave Craig (2005, Paperbacks For Educators, 15.95/spiral)

If you feel a bit burdened and want to save time writing letters of recommendation (LORs), you need this book.

The Frequently Asked Questions chapter will answer some of your most persistent questions. The LOR Writing Tips section presents tips from many of the best LOR writers. The Common LOR Writing Mistakes chapter will keep you from making embarrassing goofs.

The chapter on LOR Writing Tricks gives tips that will make your LORs stand out from the rest. Gathering Student Information, will show you how to put the burden of collecting information on the student. The Words & Phrases to Spark Ideas chapter provides 541 words and phrases that will jolt your brain as you search for just the right way to describe a student.

The extensive Writing the Actual Letter chapter will give you sample first paragraphs that grab attention, middle paragraphs that hold attention, and short and punchy last paragraphs…as well as lots of other helps in constructing the letter.

There is also a chapter on humor (that you should never use when writing LORs). We think you will treasure this book. You’ll also be entertained by the 24 great cartoons. [7” x 8.5”...158 pages]

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Paperbacks For Educators
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