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Counseling the Abused...

Finding Sunshine After the Storm
: A Workbook for Children Healing from Sexual Abuse

by Curtis Holmes & Sharon McGee (2008, New Harbinger Publications, 16.95)
These 40 compassionate activities were designed for kids who have suffered abuse. They can be used to help children raise self-esteem, establish boundaries, and help identify people they can trust. These simple activities, drawn from a variety of therapeutic modalities, are best used in combination with counseling to help kids recover from trauma and build confidence. Grades 1-8. [8” x 10”...121 pages]

Please Tell!
: A Child's Story About Sexual Abuse

by Jessie (1991, Hazelden, 10.95)
      The nine-year-old author and illustrator was abused by her uncle. Here, children will learn that it's OK to talk about their feelings, and that the abuse wasn't their fault. This book gives children courage, and helps them begin to heal. Color. Grades K-3. [8.5” x 8.5”...32 pages]

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