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Study Skills...

School Made Easier
: A Kid's Guide to Study Strategies and Anxiety-Busting Tools

by Wendy Moss (2013, Magination Press, 12.95)

Focuses on how to manage that academic stress and the emotions that might interfere with academic success. The book teaches students ways to reduce their anxiety, increase their confidence in school, and study more effectively. These strategies such as learning positive self-talk, setting up the proper study environment, and becoming one's own study coach are designed to be fun and easy to learn. Also includes case studies of real kids, self-assessment checklists, and lots of Quick Tips. Grades 7-10. [7” x 9”...128 pages]

Study Skills Fun! Game Kit & CD
: 95 Classroom Or Small-Group Activities That Promote Positive Study Habits

by Marianne Vadawalker (2010, MarCo, 23.95)

Through the use of activity-oriented games, students will see the importance of good listening habits, organizational skills, positive work habits, and goal-setting. As students become involved in these motivating activities, they are acquiring the study skills necessary for academic achievement. Students may be involved in a listening action story, putting together a hamburger, bopping with a sponge bat, racing, using balloons, blowing feathers, or working as teams to challenge their classmates. Includes a CD with PDF files for the reproducible activity sheets and game cards. Grades K-6. [8.5” x 11”...72 pages]

100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know

by Am. Heritage Editors (2010, Houghton Mifflin, 5.95)

More is expected of middle schoolers than ever-more reading, more writing, more independent learning. Students will make the grade with these 100 useful words from their favorite authors. This book helps students in grades 6 to 8 to express themselves with distinction and get the most out of school. [4.5” x 8”...128 pages]

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