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Survival Guides for Middle School...

Too Old for This, Too Young for That!
: Your Survival Guide for the Middle-School Years

by Harriet Mosatche & Karen Unger (2010, Free Spirit, 15.99)

A friendly, reassuring guide to help tweens successfully navigate the often-turbulent middle school years. Your students will learn they're not alone in the challenges they face and find practical tips and tools for all kinds of situations--getting settled in at middle school, making friends, handling peer pressure, setting and reaching goals, dealing with body changes, and getting along better with family and adults. Illustrated; two-color. Grades 4-9. [7” x 9”...179 pages]

Middle School
: How to Deal

by Sara Borden, et al. (2005, Chronicle Books, 9.95)

Written by five savvy and extremely smart girls when they were in middle school, this guide offers girls information on making the transition to middle school. The advice is straight-from-the-heart—on everything from staying true to yourself, to handling more responsibility at home and at school. [6.5” x 8”...96 pages]

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