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Do Unto Otters
: A Book about Manners

by Laurie Keller (2007, Macmillan, 7.99)
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Mr. Rabbit is worried that he might not get along with his new neighbors. A wise owl gives him the advice, "Do unto otters as you would have otters do unto you," and proceeds to explain what this means. Thus follows a listing of traits and qualities such as friendliness, politeness, honesty, consideration, cooperation, and sharing. Also included are samples of how to say certain phrases such as "Excuse me" and "Please" in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Pig Latin. Grades 1-3. Color. [9” x 11”...40 pages]

Mind Your Manners in School

by Arianna Candell (2005, Barron's, 6.99)
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In this pleasant story, children in school reflect about their own habits and attitudes, as well as those of their friends. They discover the importance of silence when the teacher is giving a lesson, the need to keep one's possessions tidy, and the many other little things that make time spent at school productive. Color. Grades K-3. [9.5” x 9.5”...36 pages]

Please Is a Good Word to Say

by Barbara Joosse (2007, McElderry Books, 12.99/hardback)
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Infectious illustrations bring a hilarious heroine to life in this enchanting book of manners that kids will be (very politely) clamoring to hear over and over again. Color. Grades PreK-3. [9” x 9”...40 pages]

My Manners Matter
: A First Look at Being Polite

by Pat Thomas (2006, Barron's, 7.99)
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This delightful picture book helps children to understand that good manners are a simple way of showing kindness and respect to people you know—and to people you don't know. Young children can learn that manners are important because being polite makes working and playing together more enjoyable for everyone. Grades K-2. [9.5” x 8”...32 pages]

Manners Are Important for You and Me

by Todd Snow (2007, Maren Green Publishing, 9.99)
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Manners make life more pleasant for everyone. Even very young children can learn basic etiquette-when to say Please, Thank you, Excuse me, and I'm sorry, how to act in a restaurant, how to meet new people, and how to be a good sport. This inviting book uses poems and pictures to teach good manners and why manners matter. Color. Grades PreK-3. [8” x 8”...32 pages]

Are You Quite Polite?
: Silly Dilly Manners Songs

by Alan Katz & David Catrow (2006, McElderry Books, 17.99/hardback)
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Songwriter and comedy writer extraordinaire Alan Katz has done it again! Turning his attention to the subject of good and bad manners, he has created a hilarious new guide to manners that kids will love to follow—laughing all the way! With brilliantly funny pictures by illustrator and cartoonist David Catrow, this new collection promises hours of well-mannered silly dillyness for kids everywhere! Grades PreK-3. [9” x 11.5”...32 pages]

Be Polite and Kind

by Cheri Meiners (2004, Free Spirit, 10.95)
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When children are kind, courteous, and respectful, people enjoy being around them and reciprocate with the same behavior. This book helps kids understand the importance of showing politeness, speaking kindly, using basic courtesies ("please," "thank you," "excuse me"), and respecting the feelings of others. Scenarios and role-play activities help adults reinforce the book's lessons. Color. Grades PreK-3. [9” x 9”...36 pages]

Piggy Monday
: A Tale About Manners

by Suzanne Bloom (2001, Whitman, 16.99/hardback)
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The students in Mrs. Hubbub's class get rude and rowdy, and forget their manners. Their hands turn into hooves and their noses turn into snouts! The school nurse then calls in a specialist, Pig Lady, who recognizes the problem. With her help, the children begin to recall and recite proper school manners. Color. Grades K-3. [11” x 8.5”...32 pages]

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