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A Little About Us...

We have been doing this for over 38 Years!

Since the beginning (Fall of 1978), we have been supplying books to anyone who believes in the power of the book to counsel and teach, as well as heal.

We're convinced that the best way to work with children (and adults) is through their hearts as well as their brains. The books that you will find on this website reflect that conviction.

We love serving the helping community...

We’re not part of some big corporation. We are more like a family than anything else.

We pay attention to detail. We believe in personal service. We can do anything the big corporate guys might do, only we do it better.

We see the Missouri River out our front windows.

Washington, Missouri...

Washington, Missouri (population 14,000) is about 50 miles west of St. Louis, right on the Missouri River. We are located in a beautiful, century-old renovated power plant (Tibbe Power Company), circa 1904, designed by Theodore Link.

Link was the same architect who designed the spectacular Union Station in St. Louis (once a big train a beautiful shopping complex).

Our main building is right on the Missouri River and next to a major Union Pacific east-west rail link.

 Our goal...

  • the best books!
  • the best discounts!
  • the best service!


Paperbacks For Educators
426 West Front St.
Washington, Missouri 63090
Voice/Text: 314-960-3015

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