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Our Discounts Are Simple...


10% on Orders of 100.00+

20% on Orders of 200.00+

30% on Orders of 300.00+

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  No shipping charges on orders over 25.00.
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Standard Shipping... 3.95 for orders under 25.00; free shipping for any order over 25.00 (including Purchase Orders). It normally takes 3-5 days delivery time, depending on your proximity to St. Louis, Missouri.

Expedited Shipping... 6.95 for one book, or 4.95 for one Desk Card set; 9.95 for two or more books or Desk Card sets; Normal shipping time is 2-4 days, depending on your location.


See the map below to find the average number of business days (M-F) it should (normally) take to receive your books if you choose "Expedited Shipping."

Books are normally shipped the same day we receive your order. Any book may be returned for full credit if you are not satisfied. And...No Hassles!

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Paperbacks For Educators
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Paperbacks For Educators
426 West Front St.
Washington, Missouri 63090

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