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We're best known for two things...   

__The way we pack (very carefully)
__The way we ship (very quickly)

We take shipping seriously... Our books are shrink-wrapped on a heavy piece of cardboard, and then packed in a heavy-duty box, or in a padded mailing bag, depending on the size of your order. Our Desk Cards are packed in boxes of various sizes, depending on the quantity you order.

When an order is sealed and ready to ship, we stamp the package with our red, "HANDLE WITH ENTHUSIASM," stamp.

Our customers tell us... That we are pretty good at what we do. And we ought to be! We've been dispatching books and other items to all corners of the U.S. since 1978. It will not be an accident that your order will arrive in perfect condition. We will make sure of it!

Paperbacks For Educators
426 West Front St.
Washington, Missouri 63090

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