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Bestselling Middle School Bibliotherapy...


#1: Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness
: Three Rules for a Happier Life

by Carol McCloud (2011, Ferne Press, 9.95)

Carol McCloud is taking the bucket filling message to the next level. Not only does she talk about new levels of bucket filling and bucket dipping, but this book goes into depth about how to put a lid on your bucket. There are examples of how important situations in life need a lid to protect our buckets from being empty. This colorfully-illustrated book will likely become a keepsake for years to come. Our most popular bibliotherapy book for preteens and young teens! Grades 3-8. [6” x 9”...80 pages]

#2: The Survival Guide for Kids with Behavior Challenges
: How to Make Good Choices and Stay Out of Trouble

by Thomas McIntyre (2013, Free Spirit, 14.99)

Up-to-date information, practical strategies, and sound advice to help kids learn to make smarter choices, make and keep friends, get along with teachers, take responsibility for their actions, work toward positive change, and enjoy the results of their better behavior. New to this edition are an “Are you ready to change?” quiz, updated glossary and resources, and a fresh organization and design. This is a book for any young person who needs help with behavior. A special section at the back addresses diagnosed behavior disorders. Grades 4-8. [7” x 9”...181 pages]

#3: What to Do When You're Cranky & Blue:
A Guide for Kids

by James Crist (2014, Free Spirit, 10.99)

Counselor and clinical psychologist James Crist has written a book that kids can turn to for support, encouragement, and ideas for coping when they feel bad, sad, grumpy, or lonely. Kids learn 10 “Blues Busters” to help shake those unhappy feelings. They also discover lots of ideas they can use to talk about feelings, take care of themselves, boost their self-esteem, make and keep friends, and enjoy their alone time. A special section addresses hard-to-handle problems like grief, roller-coaster feelings, and depression. Includes resources and a Note to Grown-Ups. Grades 4-8. [5.5” x 8.5”...123 pages]

#4: The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale

by Claude Steiner (1977, Jalmar, 19.95)

The concept of "Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies" originated in this delightful story. A fairy tale in every sense with adventure, fantasy, heroes, villains, and a moral. Color. Grades 1-8. [6” x 9”...41 pages]

#5: Dude, That's Rude!
(Get Some Manners)

by Pamela Espeland & Elizabeth Verdick (2007, Free Spirit, 8.95)

Full-color cartoons and kid-friendly text teach the basics of polite behavior in all kinds of situations. Kids learn "Power Words" to use and "P.U. Words" to avoid. It shows why their family deserves their best manners, how to yawn, how to burp, how to meet new people, how to treat a guest and be one, the right ways to use phones (including cell phones), school manners, mall manners, body manners, potty manners, the Top Ten Table Manners, and the essentials of e-tiquette (politeness online). Color. Grades 3-8. [5” x 7”...117 pages]

#6: The Straight-A Conspiracy
: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School and Totally Ruling the World

Compiled by Hunter Maats & Katie O'Brien (2013, 368 Press, 14.99)

For centuries, students worldwide have been tricked into making school less successful and more stressful than it needs to be. In reality, you already have the ability to make anything that you do in school easy. From writing essays to mastering any math concept to acing even your most difficult final exam, The Straight-A Conspiracy takes you through the simple, stress-free ways to conquer any class in school. The truth about straight-A's has been kept from you. Grades 6-12. [6” x 9”...338 pages]

#7: How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers

by Julia Cook (2013, NCYI, 9.95)

Bluebird, along with most everyone else at school, wants to flutter like the most popular bird in their class, Hummingbird. "You should go on a diet, and work out at the gym. You could flutter like me, if your body was thin." Bluebird takes this comment seriously and starts to develop unhealthy eating habits. Mom comes to the rescue by teaching Bluebird balance and by explaining that everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own feathers. With help from the Bird Doc and the Food Voice Counselor, Bluebird learns to control the Food Voice that is living inside. Color. Grades 4-8. [9” x 8”...32 pages]

#8: A Smart Girl's Guide to Liking Herself, Even on the Bad Days
: The Secrets to Trusting Yourself, Being Your Best & Never Letting the Bad Days Bring You Down

by Laurie Zelinger (2012, Pleasant Company, 9.95)

In this advice-packed book, girls will learn how high self-esteem can turn a good day into a great day, while low self-esteem can make a bad day even worse. She'll learn tips for trusting herself, ideas for boosting her self-esteem (or for keeping it up), and how to feel her best in all kinds of situations. She is perfect just as she is, and this book will help her believe that to be true! Color. Grades 3-8. [5.5" x 9.5"...95 pages]

#9: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workbook

by Sean Covey (1999, Franklin Covey, 5.00)

This workbook reinforces the habits and principles taught in the book through simple-to-understand and simple-to-do exercises. Helps teens identify where they spend their time and determine how to use their time more wisely. Designed as a standalone piece to use in small groups, in a classroom or for individual use. Grades 7-12. [5.5” x 8.5”...64 pages]

#10: The Mouse, the Monster, and Me

by Pat Palmer (2011, Boulden, 12.95)

The artwork, narrative and exercises illustrate aggressive "monster" and passive "mouse" behaviors, helping young readers identify these characteristics in themselves and in others. It also encourages children to explore the "me" communication style, based on responsibility, respect, and rights. This book teaches healthy, non-violent conflict management skills that help kids stop being—or attracting—bullies. When youngsters learn how to assert themselves appropriately, they gain self-esteem and safer, happier relationships. Illustrated. Grades 3-8. [8" x 6"...94 pages]

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