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Being Different...

Eddie Longpants

by Mireille Levert (2005, Anansi Press, 7.95)

Eddie Longpants is big, "really" big, with long legs, enormous feet, and gangly arms that dangle down from his shoulders and bump into everything. At school, his classmates find new and interesting ways to bully him each day, calling him a giraffe, a flagpole, or a stepladder. When their name-calling becomes too painful, Eddie takes refuge under his favorite tree. But one day the bullying goes too far and the teacher takes notice. Now Eddie must decide whether to turn the tables on his tormentors or show them that there's more than one way to behave. Color. Grades K-5. [9" x 9"...32 pages]

Odd Velvet

by Mary Whitcomb (1998, Chronicle Books, 14.99/hardback)

Velvet is odd. Instead of dolls that talk and cry, Velvet brings a milkweed pod for show-and-tell. She wins the class art contest using only an eight-pack of crayons. She collects rocks. But, no one walks home with her after school. As the school year unfolds, the things Velvet does slowly begin to make sense. And, in the end, Velvet’s classmates discover that being different is what makes Velvet so much fun. Color. Grades 1-5. [9.5” x 9”...32 pages]

Don't Call Me Special
: A First Look at Disability

by Pat Thomas (2002, Barron's, 7.99)

Q & A’s about physical disabilities in a simple and reassuring way. Shows children what it means to have a disability and how people of all ages can deal with disabilities and live happy and full lives. [10” x 11”...32 pages]

Skyla, the One-Legged Seagull

by Deborah Bowman (2007, Boulden Publishing, 9.95)

Skyla is suffering from a case of the "oh me's" ever since she lost a leg to a nearsighted sea turtle. She has felt left out and lonely. Then a friendly crab gives her some sound advice that starts her on a path of discovery, where she makes new friends, discovers her talent for drawing, and overcomes her fear of flying. In the process she gains the acceptance she had felt she was missing. Color. Grades PreK-3. [9” x 9”...34 pages]

It's Okay to Be Different

by Todd Parr (2001, Little, Brown, 6.99)

Illustrations and brief text describe all kinds of differences that are "okay," such as "It's okay to be a different color," "It's okay to need some help," "It's okay to be adopted," and "It's okay to have a different-looking nose." This book is imaginative and irresistible. Color. Grades K-2. [10” x 10”...32 pages]


by David McKee (1968, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 16.99/hardback)

All the elephants of the jungle are gray except Elmer, who is a patchwork of brilliant colors. Elmer assumes the role of clown/entertainer. That is, until the day Elmer gets tired of being different, and making the others laugh. He then tries to blend in with the herd, but soon realizes that he’s happiest just being himself. Color. Grades K-3. [8” x 9.5”...32 pages]

: The Slightly Cracked Egg

by Tom Ross (1994, Putnam, 6.99)

Eggbert’s paintings are the hit of the fridge. Tomatoes adore him. Green peppers are his biggest fans. But the other eggs discover the crack in Eggbert’s shell and send him packing. A cracked egg with a talent for painting goes through some very painful experiences before realizing that being cracked is not all that bad. Here is an off-beat, but on-target parable that says our flaws are perfectly natural. Maybe even something for which we can be very proud! Color. Grades K-3. [8” x 9”...32 pages]

Charlie the Caterpillar

by Dom DeLuise (1990, Simon & Schuster, 6.99)

No one wants to play with Charlie because he’s ugly. As winter approaches, Charlie spins himself a cocoon. Then when spring arrives, the cocoon opens and out comes Charlie—a beautiful butterfly. Color. Grades K-3. [10” x 8”...30 pages]

The Colors of the Rainbow

by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos (2005, Barron's, 7.99)

People are a little like colors of the rainbow because each of us is unique. We all have feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams, we smile when we are happy and we cry when we are sad. When people from all over the world get together, they create a wonderful image. It is the image of a rainbow. Because we are all human beings, we should celebrate our differences. So let's all get together and build a rainbow! Color. PreK-3. [9.5” x 9.5”…32 pages each]

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