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Hen Hears Gossip

by Megan McDonald (2008, Greenwillow, 17.99/hardback)

Barnyard gossip becomes more outlandish each time it is told in this innovative and cheerful read-aloud. Hen hears Pig whisper a secret to Cow…and in no time at all Hen tells Duck…who tells Goose…who tells Turkey…who Tells Hen something not so nice about Hen herself? Color. Grades K-3. [9” x 10”...32 pages]

She Said What About Me?
: Hurtful Words Can Destroy a Special Friendship

by Karen Dean (2012, YouthLight, 12.95)

This colorfully illustrated story will help children grades K-5 learn how to appropriately stand up for themselves when someone is gossiping or rumoring. It also shows young people how hurtful it can be to tell a lie about someone else. Further, it illustrates how apologizing and forgiving can be two useful tools for repairing a wounded friendship. It provides a list of 12 discussion questions and suggestions for students to work together to hold a unique, powerful anti-bullying day at their school. Color. Grades K-5. [11” x 8.5”...32 pages]

The Drama Llama
: A Story About Spreading Rumors and Gossip

by Susan Bowman (2012, YouthLight, 15.95)

Drama Llama always stirred up trouble among her animal friends. She liked to spread rumors and gossip and start trouble between the other animals. Eventually the other animals catch on to who is starting all the rumors and they stop talking to the Drama Llama. She then becomes very sad and lonely until some of her former friends confront her about her behavior. They let her know how she can become their friend again and Drama Llama learns that to gain friends you don't need to try to get their attention by sharing rumors or drama, but by being genuine and kind. Color. Grades K-4. [8.5” x 11”...40 pages]

Trouble Talk

by Trudy Ludwig (2008, Tricycle Press, 15.99/hardback)

Maya's friend Bailey loves to talk about everything and everyone. At first, Maya thinks Bailey is funny. But when Bailey's talk leads to harmful rumors and hurt feelings, Maya begins to think twice about their friendship and seeks help from a school counselor. This book acquaints readers with the damaging consequences of "trouble talk"—gossiping, lying, spreading rumors, and sharing others' information in order to establish connection and gain attention. Includes additional resources for kids, parents, and teachers, as well as advice about how to combat gossiping. Color. Grades K-5. [8” x 10”...32 pages]

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