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What to Do When It's Not Fair
: A Kid's Guide to Handling Envy and Jealousy

by Jacqueline Toner & Claire Freeland (2014, Magination Press, 15.95)

Envy and its cousin, jealousy, are feeling that adults and children confront on a regular basis. But adults are able to recognize what children cannot: desires and envy come and go. Some children can struggle with envy and react negatively to the good fortune of others. Children will learn to identify triggers that lead to envy and to develop alternative thoughts that can reduce envy's impact. All of the techniques are based on cognitive-behavioral principles. Includes an introduction for parents and caregivers. Color. Grades 3-6. [8.5” x 11”...96 pages]


by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (2009, Hyperion, 16.99/hardback)

Spoon has always been a happy little utensil. But lately he feels like life as a spoon just isn't cutting it. He thinks Fork, Knife, and Chopsticks all have it so much better than him. But do they? As it turns out, the other culinary implements think Spoon is the one who has it made—who else gets to bang on pots, dive into a bowl of ice cream, or relax in hot cup of tea? Invigorated by these reassurances, Spoon can’t sleep and so hops into bed with his parents and, you guessed it, spoons. "Spoon" serves as a gentle reminder to celebrate what makes each child special. Color. Grades PreK-2. [8.5” x 8.5”...40 pages]

I Feel Jealous

by Brian Moses (1999, Sundance Publishing, 7.50)

Through the eyes and words of a little girl, the author shows how jealousy is born. Color. Grades K-3. [7.5” x 8”...32 pages]

When I Feel Jealous

by Cornelia Spelman (2003, Whitman, 6.95)

A bear cub describes situations that make her jealous: when someone has something she wants, when someone is good at something she wants to be good at, and when someone else gets all the attention. "Jealousy is a prickly, hot, horrible feeling. I don't like feeling jealous, but—everybody feels jealous sometimes." The little bear finds ways to make herself feel better—she talks to someone about how she feels and then does something pleasant—and soon the jealous feeling goes away. Color. Grades PreK-2. [8" x 10"...24 pages each]

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