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Lying Up a Storm

by Julia Cook (2015, NCYI, 9.95)

Whenever Levi doesn't like the truth...he kinda…sorta makes up other stuff to say. One day his mother explains to him that telling lies will damage the trust of his friends and make him very sad. "Whenever you tell a lie, your inside sun goes away. Then a lying cloud forms, and glooms up your day. Each time you tell a lie, another cloud starts to form, and before you can stop it from happening, your insides start to storm." This book will help adults understand that lying can be a normal and sometimes healthy response for a child and offers tools to help guide children toward truthfulness. Color. Grades 2-6. [9” x 8”...32 pages]

Well, I Can Top That

by Julia Cook (2014, Boys Town Press, 10.95)

Brad has a lot of great things going on in his life--or at least that’s what he tells all of his classmates! When one student won a contest, he told about how he won an even bigger contest! When one student broke his arm, he told about how he broke both arms AND both legs! Children and adults will get a real kick out of Brad’s tall tales as he learns the importance of being a “pull-upper,” not a “one-upper.” Color. Grades K-5. [9” x 9”...32 pages]

Trouble Talk

by Trudy Ludwig (2008, Tricycle Press, 15.99/hardback)

Maya's friend Bailey loves to talk about everything and everyone. At first, Maya thinks Bailey is funny. But when Bailey's talk leads to harmful rumors and hurt feelings, Maya begins to think twice about their friendship and seeks help from a school counselor. This book acquaints readers with the damaging consequences of "trouble talk"—gossiping, lying, spreading rumors, and sharing others' information in order to establish connection and gain attention. Includes additional resources for kids, parents, and teachers, as well as advice about how to combat gossiping. Color. Grades K-5. [8” x 10”...32 pages]

Eli's Lie-O-Meter
: A Story About Telling the Truth

by Sandra Levins (2010, Magination Press, 9.95)

Eli knows the difference between pretending and the real facts. Pretending is what he does when he orbits the earth, and the real facts are what actually happen. Sometimes in REAL life, keeping to the facts is hard for Eli. With the help of his parents and the super-deluxe Lie-O-Meter 2.0, Eli learns about the consequences of his fibs and the value of telling the truth. A Note to Parents is included. Color. Grades PreK-5. [8” x 10”...32 pages]

Princess Kim and the Lie That Grew

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler (2009, Whitman, 16.99/hardback)

Kim wants the kids at her new school to like her, so she tells a tiny lie. She says her name is really K.I.M.--for Katherine Isabella Marguerite--and that she's from a royal family. Soon she finds her lie has grown and is about to explode. Color. Grades 1-3. [11” x 9”...32 pages]

: A Sure Way to Destroy Your Credibility!

Compiled by Dave Craig (2004, Paperbacks for Educators, 7.50/spiral)

Here are 18 full-page cartoons that focus on spreading misinformation, and dealing with the repercussions that usually follow. Some of the themes here: Partial truths can mislead, adults don't always tell the truth, parents want to believe their children, teachers know when truth is on vacation, the consequences of lying, admitting guilt and moving on. Grades 3-8. [7” x 8.5”...40 pages]

Part of the "Therapeutic Cartoons for Kids" Series!

Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie

by Thierry Robberecht (2007, Bloomsbury Publishing, 17.99/hardback)

Ruthie loves little things—the smaller, the better. When Ruthie finds a tiny toy on the school playground, she can hardly believe her luck. Theres just one problem: it belongs to somebody else. Ruthie insists the toy is hers, but deep down, she knows better. The author touches on an important childhood issue with gentleness and humor. Color. Grades PreK-2. [10” x 11”...32 pages]

The Honest-to-Goodness Truth

by Patricia McKissack (2000, Atheneum Books, 7.99)

When Libby is caught in her first lie to her mama, she makes a decision: "From now on, only the truth." Soon she's spreading the truth all over town. By now, no one is talking to Libby. Eventually she learns the right way, and wrong way to tell the truth. Color. K-3. [9” x 11”...40 pages]

Willy, the Dinosaur, Lies

by Wayne Triebwasser & Elizabeth Squires (2005, Educational Media, 9.95)

Willy will help your young students learn the importance of telling the truth. Willy learns that others will not trust him if he lies, and it is okay not to be perfect. Grades K-2. [8.5” x 9”...32 pages]

It Wasn’t Me!
: Telling the Truth

by Brian Moses (2000, Sundance Publishing, 7.50)

This book makes it clear that telling a lie is usually a lot worse than whatever you did wrong in the first place. The author shows how lies grow and spread quickly. Then, children (and adults) often end up looking silly when others find out. This book focuses on not blaming others and not “...forgetting to tell the truth.” Color. Grades K-3. [7.5” x 8”...32 pages]

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