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Tease Monster
: A Book About Teasing Vs. Bullying

by Julia Cook (2013, Boys Town Press, 10.95)

When “One of a Kind” is laughed at by Purple One and called a name by Green One, is the Tease Monster to blame? With help from the Tease Monster, kids learn why some teasing can have a negative bite if it’s meant to be hurtful and cause embarrassment. But they also learn why teasing can be friendly and nice if it tries to make someone feel better and is not done out of spite. Color. Grades K-5. [9” x 9"...32 pages]

Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to His Heart

by Howard Binkow (2008, Thunderbolt Publishing, 15.00/hardback)

This illustrated book tells the story of a little bunny that stops doing what he loves the most because his friends were making fun of him. He wanted to belong, to fit in so desperately that he tried unsuccessfully all kinds of activities, until one day, with a little help from his grandfather, the bunny decides to be true to himself. Color. Grades PreK-3. [10.5” x 8.5"...32 pages]

Simon's Hook
: A Story About Teases and Put-Downs

by Karen Burnett (2000, GR Publishing, 8.95)

Simon is having a bad day—a bad hair day. First his sister gives him a strange hair cut, then his friends tease him. Simon doesn’t know what to do. Lucky for him he runs into Grandma Rose. By comparing teases to fishing hooks, Grandma Rose shows Simon how to avoid getting caught. This book helps children to be “free fish” and not bite at the teases tossed their way. Color. Grades 1-5. [11” x 9”...40 pages]


by Joy Berry (2010, Joy Berry Books, 4.99)

Teasing is disruptive behavior that can be damaging to others. The book offers tips on how to turn this "misbehavior" into good-natured humor, as well as how children can protect themselves from unwanted teasing. Color. Grades PK-2. [8” x 8”...32 pages]

Mookey the Monkey Gets Over Being Teased

by Heather Lonczak (2007, Magination Press, 9.95)

Mookey the Monkey was born with no fur, and when he starts school, some of his classmates call him "Baldy." At the urging of the wise owl, Mookey visits his jungle friends, who offer helpful ideas for teasing and help him realize his own strengths. Color. Grades PreK-3. [8” x 10”...32 pages]

Never Tease a Weasel

by Jean Conder Soule (2011, Dragonfly Books, 6.99)

Illustrations and rhyming text present animals in silly situations, such as a pig in a wig and a moose drinking juice, along with a reminder not to tease. Long out of print, this new edition features art by "New Yorker" magazine cartoonist George Booth, and continues to offer funny, finger-wagging rhyme some very good advice: that teasing isn't very nice. Color. PreK-3. [7.5” x 10”...40 pages]

Don't Laugh at Me

by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin (2002, Tricycle Press, 17.99/hardback)

"I'm fat, I'm thin. I'm short, I'm tall. I'm deaf, I'm blind. Hey, aren't we all?" Do you wear glasses? Ever been picked last for the team? Afraid you'll be called on in class? Have you laughed at someone else for the same reasons? Someone you thought was geeky or slow--someone different from you? For anyone who's ever been bullied--or been a bully themselves--it's time to change your tune. This is not a book for whiners, but a new language that will give you the words you need to take charge and stop the cycle of teasing. A CD is included. Color. Grades K-5. [11” x 8.5”...30 pages]

The Brand New Kid

by Katie Couric (2000, Doubleday, 17.95/hardback)

Two girls show compassion when a not-so-ordinary boy joins their class. Laslo Gazky’s first days in second grade at Brookhaven School are a real nightmare. His “different” looks and manner set him apart from the other children, and inspire the kind of teasing children will quickly recognize. The girls prove to everyone that looking different is not such a bad thing. Color. Grades 1-4. [8” x 10”...48 pages]

Enemy Pie

by Derek Munson (2000, Chronicle Books, 15.99/hardback)

One little boy learns an effective recipe for turning a best enemy into a best friend. Accompanied by charming illustrations, this book serves up a sweet lesson on the difficulties, and the ultimate rewards, of making new friends. Color. Grades K-3. [8.5” x 10.5”...40 pages]

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
: A Tale of Bragging & Teasing

Told by Joseph Bruchac (2001, Dial, 6.99)

Bear brags that he can do anything—even stop the sun from rising. Brown Squirrel doesn't believe him, so the two wait all night to see if the sun will rise. Sure enough, the sky reddens and the sun appears. Brown Squirrel is so happy to be right that he teases Bear. What happens when a little brown squirrel teases a big black bear? Brown squirrel gets stripes and is called chipmunk from that day forward. Color. Grades 1-3. [10” x 8”...32 pages]

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